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Heritact Geodesign Workshop at Ballina Library

Date: 05-06-2024

The 21st of May 2024 marked the culmination of the HeritACT Geodesign workshop series at Ballina Library, where community members reconvened to finalise the strategy for revitalising Ballina’s cultural heritage. Organised by HeritACT, a European-funded initiative dedicated to revitalising cultural heritage through participatory processes and community engagement, this workshop brought together residents, stakeholders, and experts to co-create sustainable and impactful plans for the future of Ballina.

The final workshop focused on finalising the strategic vision for Ballina’s heritage reactivation. Participants were once again divided into groups to engage in activities such as voting, negotiation, discussion, and evaluation. During the negotiation phase, groups were combined into pairs to foster deeper collaboration and synthesis of ideas. This process aimed to merge diverse perspectives and create more comprehensive and inclusive strategies. The participants enthusiastically engaged in discussions, working together to refine and enhance their proposals.

By the end of the day, a shared vision or strategy for Ballina’s heritage reactivation emerged from each pair of groups. These strategies were further evaluated using SustainACT, a tool developed by the HeritACT team to measure their potential contribution to sustainability targets.

In the lead-up to the final day of the workshop, the community was actively involved through online public surveys and the initial Geodesign workshop held on 14th May. The online surveys were instrumental in gathering stories, values, challenges, and opportunities, which laid the foundation for the in-depth discussions and development of strategies by each group at the Geodesign Workshop.

The HeritACT team extends heartfelt thanks to all participants for their valuable contributions, enthusiasm, and dedication throughout the workshop series. Your active involvement is key to shaping a vibrant and sustainable future for Ballina's heritage.

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