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Unveiled Sport Ireland's research report on physical activity among children and adults

Date: 30-08-2023

Sport Ireland Releases Latest Research on Physical Activity Among Children and Adults

  • 2% increase in children meeting daily recommended physical activity guidelines since 2018
  • Fewer post-primary students walking to school than 2018
  • Sport dropout rates among post-primary girls have worsened in school-based sport
  • Adult participation rates increase by 3% since 2021
  • The gender gap in adult sports participation remains at 5%
  • Adult sports volunteering and club membership rates remain lower than pre-pandemic levels
  • Attendance at sporting events almost back to pre-pandemic levels

Sport Ireland, the authority responsible for the development of sport in Ireland, has released its latest research on physical activity among children and adults. The research, conducted in 2022 through the Children's Sport Participation and Physical Activity Study (CSPPA) and the Irish Sports Monitor (ISM), provides valuable insights into post-pandemic sport participation and physical activity levels in Ireland.

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