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Lake District Athletic Club

We currently rent facilities in the Green in Ballinrobe but the construction of a 200m training facility is underway for 2020/2021

Lake District Athletics Club (LDAC), as its core function, prioritises the participation in sport and healthy outdoor activity of children and young people, in adherence with Outcome 1 of the National Youth Work Strategy 2015 - 2021: Active and Healthy, Physical and Mental Well-Being (Department of Children and Youth Affairs). Lake District Athletics Club already draws its membership from the large hinterland mentioned earlier, with young people registered from areas across South Mayo and North Galway.

Lake District Athletics Club is affiliated with Athletics Ireland and we too mirror their ethos of ‘Run, Jump, Throw’. In line with the Athletics Ireland Strategic Plan 2017-2020, we wish to prioritize the continued growth of our membership, expand participation in recreational events through a focus on existing programmes and the creation of initiatives in co-operation with Healthy Ireland.

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