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Building Control

Building Inspections

Mayo County Council, as the building control authority, is responsible for the enforcement of the Building Control Acts 1990 and 2007 and Regulations made under those Acts.  

The building control system applies to the design and construction of new buildings, extensions and material alterations to, and certain changes of use of, existing buildings. We promote good practice in the design and construction of buildings and we do this by visiting and inspecting building sites.  

The Building Control Acts allow inspections for the purposes of the Act any building, and any plans or documents relating to such building. 

As far as possible, we try to resolve problems by discussing them with the builder to find an agreed solution. Occasionally, however, we serve enforcement notices where contraventions of the Regulations occur and, in certain cases, we can, and do prosecute.  

As well as inspecting buildings during construction, we have the authority to examine documents, drawings and other materials relevant to the work. 

Primary responsibility for compliance with the Building Regulations rests with the designers, builders and building owners.  

To view the Building Control Acts & Regulations click here

The power of inspection granted to the Building Control Authority under the legislation is discretionary and does not impose an obligation on the Building Control Authority to inspect all buildings during their construction. 

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