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Westport Public Art Project 2023/24

Date: 25-08-2023

The Westport Belmullet Municipal District Office of Mayo County Council has recently received funding to both upgrade Westport skatepark and address the recent increase of graffiti in the town.  The Council is therefore seeking tender applications from suitable qualified artists to enhance three areas in the town with community murals/street art. The artist commission offered is between €2,000 and €7,000 per project.

The ultimate aim of these projects is to provide a durable attractive new look for each site while also inspiring community respect for and enjoyment of each setting. The participation of local communities will be important, notably  that of school children and  teenagers. The design process and the finished work itself should aim to inspire an anti-vandalism and non-bullying ethos, and perhaps art or environmental awareness or similar. Paintwork itself must be relatively simple e.g. in flat colour, for future maintenance purposes.

The project sites are Westport Skate Park , the town Greenway under-passes, and the new concrete swimmers shelters at ‘The Point’ ( due to be installed during September 23) .

Artists with experience of working with community groups will have an advantage. Artists without such experience could however submit a proposal that includes the input of a community facilitator.  

Artist’s submission should include the following

  1. An outline proposal: Sketches and theme ideas and methodologies for a) community engagement and participation, and b) application of artwork.
  2. CVs with evidence of relevant experience and previous work:
  3. The completed Tender Form ie all-inclusive tender price.

Full details of the projects and tendering requirements etc are available below:

Tenders must be submitted in PDF form to by no later than 5 pm 9th October 2023.

Successful applicants will contacted by mid/late October 2023.

Artworks must be completed by end April 2024, with one project ideally completed by end of 2023

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