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Kiltimagh Velo Rail Project Officially Opened

Date: 09-06-2023

The Kiltimagh Velo Rail Project was officially opened by Michael Ring T.D. on Friday 9th June 2023.

The Velo Rail is a new sustainable tourist attraction located in Kiltimagh, County Mayo. It offers a unique and fun experience for visitors of all ages through the hinterland of Kiltimagh. The Velo Rail allows users to pedal along a disused railway line, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the surrounding countryside. The old railway line has been repurposed to accommodate the new Velo Rail.

Funding for the Project was made available by Mayo Local Action Group (LAG) under the Rural Development Programme LEADER 2014 – 2022 and by the Department Rural & Community Development.

On arrival to the Kiltimagh Velo Rail, visitors can expect to be greeted by staff who will provide an orientation session. They will explain the rules, safety guidelines, and how to operate the Velo Railbike. This session may include a demonstration and practice session to ensure the user feels comfortable before setting off.

Once the user is familiar with the railbike, they will board it along with their group. The railbikes are typically designed to accommodate two to five people, depending on the specific model.

The Velo Rail track is relatively flat, making it easier to pedal. As the user pedals, they will move at a leisurely pace, allowing them to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Distance markers are located to inform users of distance travelled.

The overall distance is 7km either side of Kiltimagh. At that end point, users will dismount the railbikes, a staff member will rotate the railbikes on the track. Following a short rest period, users will return to Kiltimagh Station.

The Velorail is ideal for groups such as family, friends work colleagues and lends itself ideally to corporate team building groups and team bonding sessions, and pretty much all other groups where a group activity is desirable.

In terms of outdoor activity, the Velo Rail combines physical activity with outdoor exploration. It’s a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors while having fun. The Velo Rail can be enjoyed by people of various fitness levels and ages.

It offers a low-impact exercise option suitable for individuals who may have mobility limitations or prefer a leisurely activity. Families with children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities can all participate and enjoy the experience.

This project was delivered by IRD Kiltimagh CLG and supported by Mayo County Council, Irish Rail, Department Rural & Community Development and by Mayo Local Action Group (LAG) under the Rural Development Programme LEADER 2014 – 2022

For further Information and Booking, check out the Velo Rail website for details:

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