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National Broadband Ireland (NBI) surveying continuing in Mayo

Date: 19-02-2021

Surveying and design works for the National Broadband Plan (NBP) rollout continues in Mayo on WB 22nd of February. National Broadband Ireland (NBI) are the company undertaking the fibre network roll-out to enable high speed internet connectivity for 544,000 premises across the country.

NBI would like the public to know that contractors will be on the ground in these counties, both inspecting and recording pictures of infrastructure such as poles, cables and underground ducts. The teams have been fully trained in physical distancing practices, hygiene, appropriate use of personal protective equipment and how to engage with the public in a safe manner if and when required.

In Mayo, the surveys will commence in the following areas:

  • Killadoon, Fahy, Thullabaun, Cregganbaun, Ashleam, Carrownisky, Roonah Point, Louisborough, Derreen, Kinnock, Corragaun, Kilsallagh

Entegro are the contracting company commencing this work and they will have vehicles and signage with both their own, and NBI logos. Employees will also wear hard hats and high visibility vests featuring the NBI logo. All contractors will also carry official ID cards & essential worker letters.

The NBI customer call centre number is 0818 624 624 (local call rate) or email for any queries. For further information on the NBP see

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