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Helpful Tips For Dogs In Hot Weather

Date: 14-06-2023

Walking dogs 

  • Keep your walks short, early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Test the temperature of the ground, if you cannot hold the back of your hand to the ground for seven seconds it’s too hot to walk.

Keeping your dog cool

  • Make sure your dog always has shaded areas outside and inside.
  • Keep dogs out of direct sunlight, close blinds & curtains, use fans to circulate cool air.
  • Place cold damp towels in shaded spots.
  • Grooming can help regulate their temperature, particularly if they have long thick fur.
  • Try freezing food or treats in yogurt or water.
  • Water, if you're out and about or at home always make sure you have water available.
  • Getting your dog wet, paddling pool or swimming in water.
  • On advice from Veterinary Ireland - before letting your dog near any body of water check for blue-green algae as there may be an increased risk of algae poisoning, this can be lethal to dogs. If your dog swallows any algae contact your vet immediately.

Dogs in cars

40°C - the temperature at which your dog can no longer regulate their body temperature

  • 43°C - the temperature inside your car after half an hour on a 23°C day
  • 10 minutes - the time it takes for the inside of your car to hit 43°C when it's 32°C outside
  • 54°C - the temperature your car will reach after 30 minutes in 35°C weather
  • 'Not long' – A dog can die from heatstroke in 15 minutes

*Do not leave your dog in a hot car this summer

Signs of heatstroke

● Heavy panting ● Lethargy ● Confusion or loss of coordination ● Drooling or foaming at the mouth  ● Vomiting or diarrhoea ● Shaking or weakness ● Seizures.

If your dog has any signs of heatstroke contact your vet immediately

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