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Blue/Green Algae Warning

Date: 18-05-2023

In warmer weather, natural algal blooms and cyanobacteria become more prevalent along river and lake shorelines. These produce toxins which have potential to cause illness in humans and fatalities of animals, especially dogs. The blooms can appear as green or blue-green streaks resembling paint at the water surface, or silky scums along shorelines. At times when such accumulations are present, Mayo County Council is advising the public to:

  • Do not touch algal accumulations on the shoreline.
  • Wash hands if you touch the algal material.
  • Keep children and pets away from algae on the water’s edge.
  • Do not let pets drink the water. It’s a good idea for dogs to be given a good drink of water before walking near a river or lake.
  • Wash pets immediately if they come into contact with water suspected to be contaminated with cyanobacteria.

Contact your vet quickly if your dog becomes unexpectedly sick after swimming and where possible take photographs of algal accumulations observed at the location.

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