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Harbours & Piers

  • Harbour Fee Payment

    Owners or masters of boats, ships or vessels who wish to berth their vehicle at a council owned harbour or pier may have to pay a fee.

  • Harbour Masterplan Consultation

    Mayo County Council can prepare Harbour Masterplans to outline their policies and objectives for harbour development. Members of the public can have input into these plans through consultation.

  • Harbour Mooring Permit

    Anyone who wishes to dock a boat in a council owned harbour may be required to apply to the council for a permit.

  • Harbours and Piers Management

    Mayo County Council can manage and develop harbours and piers by carrying out works to them such as construction works, extension works, dredging, provision of turning bays, slipways, and breakwaters.

  • Infrastructure Development

    Mayo County Council is responsible for marine infrastructure development which is an essential component for the development of the aquaculture, commercial fishing, marine leisure and offshore energy industries.  

    Mayo County Council set up a Marine Section with the intention of bringing a stronger strategic focus on all aspects the Marine with a view to leveraging our extensive Marine Resources to build a vibrant competitive Marine Sector in Mayo.  Our aim is to develop possible pathways to transform what are obvious comparative advantages into competitive advantages and disrupt the current Economic trajectory of our coastal areas and ensure that our local Marine Sector can contribute to the economic sustainability of the County as a whole. We also hope to leverage the emerging blue economy sectors such as offshore energy and marine biotechnology to reinforce and support the more traditional marine activities such as Fishing, Aquaculture and Leisure in terms of investment and infrastructure to build vibrant sustainable coastal communities. 

  • Harbour Management

    Click link below for list of harbours & piers in Mayo


  • Infrastructure Maintenance

    All piers, harbours and landing places are maintained by Mayo County Council with funding obtained from the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine under the Fishery Harbour and Coastal Infrastructure Development Programmes. It is accepted by everybody using the piers and landing structures that the management and proper use of the structure is critical to everybody involved.  It is typical that the structures are being used as a storage platform for all sorts of activity and for proper working of a pier or landing structure cooperation is required amongst stakeholders and facility users. Mayo County Council has the authority to introduce byelaws where problems arise associated with litter and pollution.  

  • Port Facilities Security Officer

    Cruise Ship tourism is an exciting new development for Co. Mayo with operators looking for exciting new experiences for their clients. Typically, this tourism is a means of delivering overseas people, into a region, typical for 10-12 hours, to experience all the best that Ireland has to offer. It’s a means of giving visitors an introduction/ feeling/ taste of Ireland, making them feel welcome and encouraging them to return for a longer stay land holiday. 

    Co. Mayo has everything the short stay cruise market requires, unique experiences of heritage and culture in a friendly, safe and clean environment. Although Mayo does not have a dedicated port to accept large ships it has a variety of safe anchorages at various locations along its long coastline with suitable access for tendering of passengers ashore to piers and pontoons giving cruise ships even greater flexibility and passengers a greater variety of unique experiences to choose from. Mayo County Council has a certified Port Facility Security Officer who coordinates with relevant authorities and shipping agents to facilitate safe and secure ingress and egress of international cruise ship passengers.  

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