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Ireland Set For Sub-Zero Temperatures

Date: 07-02-2021

Freezing conditions are set to return to Ireland tonight ahead of a prolonged cold spell forecast throughout this week.

Mayo County Council is warning road users of the potential for icy conditions overnight, with road surface temperatures across the county expected to drop below zero this evening, and the Met Eireann has issued a Weather Warning for sub-zero conditions for the coming week.

Gritters will be treating most of the main precautionary salting routes this evening and tomorrow morning and will then be monitoring conditions tomorrow.

Noel Gibbons, Mayo County Council Road Safety Officer, said: “Judging by the forecast it looks as though we’re heading into another period of wintery weather, starting with freezing temperatures tonight. With the rain we’ve had over the past week, our roads are wet and could turn icy overnight and into tomorrow morning.

“We would ask everyone to please be aware of the potential for ice, particularly on untreated routes.

"It’s also worth remembering that ice can form even on treated roads, so please take extra care.

"Heading into next week, although there is some uncertainty at the moment of the volume of snow, there could be a chance of snow over the next few days. So we’re closely monitoring the forecast and we have taken steps to ensure our gritting teams are resilient should conditions turn wintery.”

The county council is reminding people of the following advice:

Avoid overnight travel unless absolutely essential as roads will always be more hazardous at night with less traffic and colder temperatures, and road conditions are less easily identified;

Never assume a road has been salted. Remember that showers or rain will wash salt off roads leaving them prone to ice, and in extreme cold even salting will not always stop ice from forming;

Allow additional time for your journey and to prepare your vehicle before driving by clearing all windscreens and lights before driving.

Reduce your speed and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front;

Drive with care and according to the conditions.

Plan ahead: If road conditions become treacherous, delay travel and give road crews time to clear or treat roadways .

Slow down and give yourself more room: Increase following distance to at least 10 seconds.

Put down the phone: Eliminate all distractions while driving, including phones and other electronic devices.

Accelerate gently: If tires lose grip and start to spin, let off on the accelerator.

Pay close attention on hills: When approaching a hill watch how other drivers are responding and keep far enough behind the vehicle ahead of you so that you will not have to slow down or stop. Once you reach the crest of the hill, reduce your speed and proceed as slowly as possible.

Avoid slamming on the brakes: A skid can occur when you apply the brakes so hard that one or more wheels lock. Should a skid occur, remain calm and steer in the direction you want the vehicle to go.

Turn off cruise control: Avoid using cruise control when driving in wet or icy conditions.

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