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Culinary Experiences

Lough Mask Distillery

Inspired by the wild and rugged beauty of the landscape, the purity and abundance of the Lough Mask waters and the rich culture and history of the area, we knew we had to set up our distillery in Killateeaun, (Coill an tSian, Fairy Wood) in Co. Mayo.

The distillery is located on the shores of the Lake in a reconditioned building. We discovered the empty building a few years back and have restored it, making it ready to house our micro-distillery. Our production started early in 2018, and our first spirits are now flowing.‚Äč

Our main products are Loch Measc Single Malt Whiskey, Loch Measc Gin, and Loch Measc Vodka.

We craft tiny batches of wonderfully rich spirit by hand in our beautiful copper pot stills. These stills were made for us by traditional coppersmiths based on the ancient Alembic Still design. If you look at our stills you can see every careful hammer blow. In keeping with our micro-distillery ethos, we have up-cycled, recycled and adapted much of our equipment, sourced from various small breweries, distilleries and dairy farms.

You are most welcome to come and visit our distillery and experience the wild and wonderful beauty of the area that inspires us everyday.

Tour Times: 

  • Monday to Saturday 11am to 3pm

By Appointment 

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