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Culinary Experiences

Connacht Whiskey Distillery

The Connacht Distillery sits on the banks of the beautiful River Moy where the river widens into the Moy Estuary in Ballina, County Mayo.  

The Distillery is pleased to be part of the local community and welcomes visitors and tour groups. The visitor centre is open 10:30am to 6pm, Wednesday to Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 5pm.

In the distillery’s Mullarkey Bar guests can sample whiskey, gin, poitin, and vodka, including signature cocktails. A unique blend of old and new, the comfortable room overlooks the gentle flow of the River Moy. The bar itself was hand-crafted from repurposed timber flooring recently removed from Dublin’s Boland Mills, floors upon which Irish patriots stood and battled British soldiers during the 1916 Easter Rising.

The distillery shop sells bottles of currently available spirits.  Also, on offer is Connacht Whiskey merchandise, from sportswear to shot glasses, and other locally sourced products and souvenirs.

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