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Culinary Experiences

Achill Sea Salt

Award winning Achill Island Sea Salt is a hand harvested sea salt from the Wild Atlantic waters, that surrounds the Island. The fresh water that runs off the island ‘s mountains combine with the seawater combine to create this pure and natural, award winning sea salt. Our Sea Salt does not contain any chemicals, preservatives or anti-caking agents and our careful method of production allows for the retention of over 60 trace minerals from the seawater.

Using a combination of traditional methods and modern technology, the objective is to slowly evaporate the sea water to leave behind pure, white, sea salt flakes. The soft salt crystals melt instantly into food, creating an intense flavour. With its unique taste, the sea salt will season any food perfectly.  The producers wants to offer a healthier sea salt that will inspire customers to create great tasting dishes using the best of produce that Ireland can offer.  The vision is to create long-term, sustainable jobs on Achill Island and promote the area as a food experience destination. 

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