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Creativity and Virtual Reality - Mayo Arts Service Ideas Week Workshop

Date: 17-09-2020

Venue: Linenhall Arts Centre
Date: Friday 25th September
Time: 2 - 3pm

Mayo Arts Service in partnership with the Linenhall Arts Centre as part of Ideas week present Orla Casey who will give a Creativity and Virtual Reality (VR) talk. 

This is an interactive and creative virtual reality talk where participants will receive an introduction into the exciting world of VR but with a twist. VR has become a very vibrant industry for gaming and entertainment, but it is also a platform of endless possibilities for the artists and designers among us, including 3D painting, immersive storytelling, VR for education, and even for therapy.

Digital Designer and VR Artist Orla Casey will be facilitating the workshop and guide the audience members through an interactive lecture where they will gain an insight into the potentials of VR and how the artist can become an architect of their own virtual worlds. She will introduce the audience members to the gaming engines available (for free) online for those who would like to have a go at developing their own VR worlds for themselves. She will make a basic VR environment with the audience to demonstrate the ease at which to get into this technology as well as share some of her own VR projects. The event will be recorded and live streamed.

Places are strictly limited for this presentation. Please contact for bookings.

About the artist.

Orla Casey is a multidisciplinary designer. Her VR experience ‘Finding Space’, was developed as a response to the rising mental health crisis, and how can we utilize novel technologies to be a tool that serves our well-being as opposed to threatening it? She has also created VR play therapy experiences as well as experimental soundscapes in the virtual world. As an artist and musician, she is interested in innovating creative therapy and merging ancient wisdom with new media design and technologies, as well as creating concept spaces to experience music in a new intimate way.

Orla Casey - CREATIVE

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For Covid-19 guidelines on attending this event, please see here

This event is strategically funded by Mayo County Council in partnership with the Arts Council. It is an initiative of Mayo County Council's Arts Service under the Creative Ireland Programme in response to the Creative and Cultural Jobs Stimulus Measure Funding 2020. 

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