Mayo-born agitator who rocked a mighty Empire

The Michael Devitt Museum The Michael Davitt Museum commemorates one of Ireland’s most important historical figures. Labelled by Queen Victoria as ‘one of the worst of the treasonable agitators,’ he became a pivotal inspiration to Mahatma Gandhi.

This museum is located in the tiny village of Straide, whose inhabitants are proud of their former neighbour Michael Davitt (1846-1906) who was born there and now lies in his grave next to the ruins of the abbey.

As President of the Land League, Davitt played a key role in the Land War of the 1880s that helped break the power of the landlords and which eventually helped to lead to the transfer of the ownership of the land to the people.

He may not be as swash-buckling as other Irish heroes, but his ability to mix direct action with politics helped achieve his ends and improved the lives of many people.  

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