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Social Inclusion Awareness Week

10th - 16th October 2022

Mayo Social Inclusion Awareness Week 2022

26 August 2021

Mayo Social Inclusion Awareness Week 2022 will take place from October 10th to 16th inclusive.

Mayo Social Inclusion Awareness Week is an initiative of Mayo Local Community Development Committee’s (LCDC) Social Inclusion and Community Development Working Group. Chaired by Cllr Neil Cruise the working group comprises representatives from many community groups and organisations throughout County Mayo.

Mayo Social Inclusion Awareness Week gives us the chance to promote and highlight the very positive work that the voluntary and community sectors do on a day to day basis to reduce discrimination, racism, poverty and social exclusion.

The aim of the week is to support initiatives throughout the county that foster inclusion and equality and it is also an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of people in County Mayo.

This year’s theme is “Arts as a Social Inclusion tool”. Recognising the arts by giving life to multiple forms of expression can become a tool to improve social inclusion and to create bonds between people. Through the arts we have the ability to make connections, facilitate well-being, be empowered and strengthen our self-confidence. It helps people to express themselves, be authentic and provides opportunities to celebrate our uniqueness.

For further information phone 094-9064660 or e-mail:

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