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Revaluation 2021

The Valuation Office, as part of the National Revaluation Programme is undertaking the revaluation of all rateable properties in Co Mayo. 

Having a modern valuation base is important for the levying of commercial rates on a fair and equitable basis across all economic sectors and for ensuring that rates remain as a stable contributor to funding Local Government. 

The revaluation of the rateable properties in Co Mayo involves a number of steps. The Commissioner of Valuation has made a valuation order formally commencing the revaluation. It was originally intended that the revaluation of Mayo would have been completed by the publication of a new valuation list in September 2021. This has now been deferred for twelve months to September 2022 due to Covid 19. Please see link below to 2021 Amendment for further details.

All ratepayers are being contacted directly by the Valuation Office with a view to completing a Revaluation Information Form which will be the basis for the re-assessment. 

All enquiries and further information can be obtained from the Valuation Office, by e-mail  or call 01-8171033

Please see the following documents for further information 

Reval 2021 Information 

2021 Amendment to Valuation Order

Valuation Order 

Sample of Cover Letter from Valuation Office 

Sample Revaluation Information Form - Section 46



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