What Emer Cunningham has to say about her experience in Westport

Posted in Connect on August 28, 2015.

Excerpt taken from the Best of the Discover Ireland Explorers Competition.

On top of the world! Emer Cunningham

Every Father’s Day we head down to the picturesque town of Westport, Co. Mayo, and take the coast road out to Croagh Patrick. This was the first year my little team, from 5 to 14 years, all climbed to the summit. Blessed with fine weather some marched up as if they were taking a leisurely stroll; others had to be cajoled and took in regular stops to admire the spectacular views or to read messages laid out in stones. Slowly but surely they all reached the top with an immense sense of achievement and the reward of a clear day and breath-taking views. A little slice of heaven on earth. The descent, though hairy at times, was brisk and the cool stream at the bottom was a perfect place to sit back and let them paddle their weary feet. All the effort had built up hearty appetites for which there’s ample satisfaction in the many eateries in the Westport area. That evening other gently meandering through the town we hit the road home with a car of subdued, if not exhausted, children!

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