Wasn’t Expecting That!

Posted in Connect on May 31, 2016.

While driving around Belmullet, Co Mayo yesterday Clement Shevlin spotted something out of the ordinary.

Clement, who’s a Galway native, was driving down Hospital Road in the town when he spotted a large camel basking in the sun on the side of the road.

Now we know it is hot in Ireland at the moment, but it not quite the Saharan temperatures these guys are used to. Clement posted the video on his Facebook page and it has proved very popular, hitting over 27,000 views since last night.

Captioning his post, Clement couldn’t hide his surprise at what he has just seen.

“Jaysus, I know it’s getting hot around the country and Belmullet is getting its fair share of the sun, but I just drove past a Camel on the Hospital Road in Belmullet,” said Clement.

“The heat in the bog will test these great beasts!”

We just love Clement’s totally Irish response to the strange scene in the video.

Yes, you really don’t “know what you’d see in Belmullet”.

We’ve had a look and we couldn’t find a circus listed to perform in the area to explain the camel’s presence. We’ve reached out to a few locals and are yet to receive a response.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to solve the riddle of why he was there soon and we’ll update you if we do.


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