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Posted in Local News on March 24, 2020.

A Brand-New Way to Receive Sensational Kids Services

Access to therapy supports for a child or adolescent can make all the difference in the world, which is why non-profit Sensational Kids is innovating to improve access to services and to look after vulnerable children and adolescents, when clinic based services are unavailable. Families can now connect with Sensational Kids remotely for Virtual Care.

Sensational Kids innovative Virtual Care services leverage video conference technology to allow families to connect remotely with one of the Sensational Kids healthcare professionals, regardless of where they are located.

From Monday 23rd March, all Sensational Kids occupational therapy, speech & language therapy, reading for dyslexia and play therapy sessions will be moving to online video calls using a secure virtual healthcare video conferencing system. Parents can also request for a therapist to call them over the phone.

Sensational Kids Virtual Care services are easy to use, private, and most of all convenient. In addition, this new service removes accessibility and/or mobility barriers and can connect families with a therapist for their child regardless of their location. The platform protects privacy through safeguards and robust policies and is fully gdpr complaint. The main advantages for many families who have children with additional needs are no travel time whilst ensuring their child receives quality therapy supports and enhancing the continuum of care when getting to the clinic is not possible.

The Virtual Care Services Available at Sensational Kids include Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Play Therapy, Parent Coaching for Home Programs, Psychotherapy for adolescents & parents and Reading Tuition for Children who have dyslexia.

How does Virtual Care at Sensational Kids Work? Prior to your appointment, parents will receive (via email or text) a link to the appointment session. This will enable both an audio and video connection between the family and therapist. Families can use their Laptop, Ipad or Mobile phone to avail of this service.

To make an appointment for Virtual Care at Sensational Kids, parents get in touch with their local Sensational Kids child development centre by phone or email:


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