Valentine’s Day drive to save lives

Posted in Connect on February 12, 2020.

On the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to love, Road Safety professionals and An Garda Siochana continue its campaign towards road safety by conveying the following message to all road users.

As a council we urge everyone to show respect on our roads, sharing this love by being courteous and considerate to other road users, be they drivers, bikers, passengers or pedestrians.

Respect should continue beyond this day and every day, we should all do our part when using the roads.

Showing respect entails driving carefully and attentively, caring about our children, having them properly seated with their seat belts on, giving mobiles a break, observing road regulations and paying attention when crossing the roads.

Show respect on our roads. #ValentinesDaylifesafer

Mayo County council will launch the Valentine’s Day campaign this week urging people to “look out for the one you love and show some love to other road users” when driving and sharing the roads with others.

The road safety office will launch the campaign on Thursday 13th February to remind young drivers of the potentially catastrophic consequences of dangerous driving.

The focus of the campaign is to encourage people to look out for their loved ones – be it a girlfriend, boyfriend, mates or family members.

Road safety office from Mayo County Council will launch the campaign at the local college.

Students will be able to try out virtual reality goggles, which simulate driver distraction or under the influence of drugs.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging drivers to take responsibility for their passengers and urging passengers to speak out if they find themselves in a situation in a car in which they feel uncomfortable and show respect for all road users.

The displays are aimed at capturing students’ attention – allowing the opportunity for engaging discussion about driver behaviour and coping strategies which passengers could adopt, should they find themselves in a vehicle when they don’t feel comfortable.

Road safety officer Noel Gibbons said: “We’re doing everything we can to make our roads safer and we’ve made significant progress in recent years but we have a lot to do yet.

Kevin Gately, Superintendent,  Community Engagement, Castlebar-Westport said “Young people aged between 17 and 24 remain the most likely to be involved in a collision, so it’s important we really engage with them. We want to make them aware of the dangers of bad driving and also empower them as passengers not to get into a car with someone who drives in a way that makes them feel unsafe, on a broader level we want all road users no matter what age to show respect towards each other and in doing so reduce road deaths on our roads.”

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