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Identification of Sites Suitable to Housing – Humanitarian Response to Persons Arriving in Ireland Fleeing the Conflict in Ukraine

Date: 05-04-2022

Mayo County Council is currently trying to identify sites that may be suitable for the immediate development of temporary or permanent housing, and which have not already been earmarked for social and affordable housing under the Government’s Housing for All plan

This may include sites in public or private ownership.  Generally, such sites will ultimately be suitable for the development of permanent residential accommodation in accordance with the basic site selection criteria attached below.  Given the scale and urgency of the task ahead facing the country, such sites may include those that are not already zoned for residential development as well as zoned housing lands, that may be made immediately available for residential development.  Identified sites should have access to piped services and water and waste-water treatment facilities, with sufficient scope for additional population loading.

Sites should include connections to the electricity network and digital infrastructure/telecoms.  Please note that broadband connectivity is essential.

Provision of and/or access to educational, healthcare, childcare and other social and community as well as language supports are also critical.  Site size and scale should be relative to the settlement in which the site is located.

The fundamental principle for site selection for refugee accommodation is that the site would be considered potentially suitable for permanent residential accommodation, even if what is initially proposed might be temporary in nature.  Given the scale and urgency of the need to accommodate refugees from Ukraine, a broad range of potential sites and buildings may be considered.

Due to the urgency of the situation replies should be forwarded no later than close of business 11th April, 2022, please contact 094 9064124

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