Two Mayo Men To Create Documentary On The History Of Mayo

Posted in Connect on February 13, 2015.


Two mayo men are about to create an ambitious three-part documentary entitled “ The story of mayo”

Sharing a mutual love for both film and history, this duo are aiming for the highest professional standard of filmmaking their new documentary chronicling the history mayo.

Two mayo men are attempted to create an ambitious three- part documentary entitled the story of mayo, the films aims to explore the origins of the county the significant impact of events and people on county Mayo through the ages. The two men have a passion and deep knowledge of both of history and film making, Tommy is from Newport, he is a highly skilled camera man has over 25 years experience as a videographer and an indept knowlege of film and post-production techniques, he is the film’s director, cameraman and post production technician.

Writer and presenter Joe Mc Dermott is a retired history and English teacher in Westport’s Rice college, has a great understanding of how to script and present in front of camera, his ability to impart knowledge and create an narrative to communicate a story to an audience is evident in the two men previous collaboration Oldport to Newport – A Historical journey A Historical journey, a 60-minute documentary about the town of Newport and the origins.

The “ The Story of Mayo” project is expanding on the previous documentaries trying to bring a story to an even wider audience “Our first documentary was a success reaching an audience far beyond the county; we want our next documentary to have an even greater impact”

The two men have begun fund raising online through a crowd- funding site to cover the cost of equipment and licensing cost.

“We’re really delighted with how its going. We’re aiming for €4000 and have very quickly reached over €900 ,one donation was from Alaska for over €100 ” Joe said.

The documentary will take the audience on a magical journey from prehistoric times to the arrival of the Normans in the early 12the century, including early mythology stories of the Tuath de Danann, The Childern of lir and some of the great family names such as O’Malley, O Higgins, Kellys and Mcdonnells

“ The last film was very local as it was our first documentary but we think the story of mayo is going to be a massive advertising tool for the county once it’s complete “ explains Joe

Tommy and Joe known as purple foxglove productions have a fund –it page set up for donations



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