Posted in Connect on January 15, 2015.

Fibre Optic Cable landing in Killala brings enormous opportunities

A €300m fibre optic cable owned and operated by Irish company Aqua Comms was successfully connected in Killala in 2015.

The cable, which is expected to go live in January 2016, connects New York to London via Killala and will enable superfast internet connection, giving Ireland’s west coast a major boost as a technology hub.

This is the first fibre connection between Ireland’s western seaboard and the US, and provides key infrastructure for data centres and cloud computing investments in the western region, where the capacity to carry exceedingly large volumes of data is critical.

The system has the capacity, at any one time, to:

  • to carry one-third of the world’s regular voice phone traffic
  • to simultaneously download 200,000 movies online
  • make 20 million 4G phone calls

And much more!

The ultimate aim is to link the cable into European Data Networks.

This project places Mayo as the stepping stone from the US to the EU. No longer at the periphery, it situates Mayo at the very centre at one of the great information transfer highways of the future.

In an era of exponential growth in Cloud technologies, the future possibilities are endless. The challenge and opportunity now is to capitalise on this great infrastructural leap forward.

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