Stay Safe this Halloween

Posted in Connect on October 26, 2018.

Halloween is a great event that the whole family can enjoy. However, the increase in pedestrian activity creates a significant risk of traffic accidents. Large numbers of young people will be out after dark, often unaccompanied. They are likely to be caught up in the excitement of trick or treating, chatting with their friends, and feel like normal rules don’t apply. They could also be much harder to spot due to dark coloured costumes.
If you are out driving, try and eliminate distractions within your vehicle, such as the radio or hands-free phone kit, so you can fully concentrate on the road. Turn on your headlights early – most children are out and about between 5pm and 8pm. Take extra time when pulling in or out of a driveway, and at junctions. Reduce your speed, especially if you’re in a residential area. Be extra vigilant for children on the pavement who may intend to cross. If you see children crossing, be aware that there may be others in their party, so ensure that any stragglers have caught up and won’t dart out in front of you.
Don’t overtake other cars that have stopped in the road. They may be picking up or dropping off children, or might have pulled up to allow someone to cross in front of them. If you are dropping off passengers yourself, find a safe spot to stop and alert other motorists by using your hazard lights.
If your own children are planning to head out with or without you, make sure you are confident in their ability to cross the road, and know what hazards to look out for. Try and incorporate reflective tape into their outfit to make them more conspicuous to drivers. If they have torches, they should know to not shine them at drivers who could be temporarily dazzled.

Safety advice for Halloween:
• Eggs and flour are for baking. Don’t throw them.
• Don’t go trick or treating alone – stay with your group.
• If you’re going trick or treating, make sure you go with an adult and your parent or carer knows where you’re going and when to expect you back.
• Make sure your visible to other road users
• Respect posters asking you not to trick or treat at someone’s house.

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