NOAC Local Authority Satisfaction Survey 2019

Posted in Connect on July 2, 2019.

Mayo County Council welcome the findings of the Local Authority Satisfaction survey 2019 published earlier today.

As a Local Authority we are always striving to make County Mayo a better place to live, visit, invest and work. This survey is an opportunity to receive feedback on how the Council is achieving this.

Mayo County Council are pleased with a variety of areas where we feel we scored really positively for e.g.

Scoring in the top three Counties for ‘a Local Council that is open and transparent’

Second Highest Local Authority for ‘Council doing a good Job’ at 60% well above the national average

Scoring 56% for a Local Council promoting Economic Activity,

76% respondents agree that Mayo County Council is working to make the area cleaner and greener

50% of respondents agreed that Mayo County Council is efficient and well run

86% of respondents believe they have knowledge of the services of Mayo County Council

Mayo scored 41%, well above the average of 30%, for the public feeling well informed by Mayo County Council.

Mayo County Council will review and discuss with NOAC areas where improvement is needed, for e.g., lower scores in areas such as satisfaction levels in services like Road Safety, Roads Maintenance, Affordable housing . We will also seek to understand the scores that are lower than expected in providing Value for Money, given the high scores published on ‘A Council doing a good job’

There are many positives in the survey results which the Council can continue to focus on. It highlights to us as a Council the ongoing need to be proactive in the area of communicating its services and initiatives to the public.

For information on all  services of Mayo County Council, please visit

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