Mrs Doyle tells GAA fans to Go On and Take a Break!

Posted in Connect on July 30, 2019.

Mayo County Council Road Safety is undertaking an eye-catching initiative this Bank Holiday weekend ahead of the Mayo vs Donegal Super 8s game at Elvery’s McHale Park, by getting one of Irelands own most famous housekeepers to don the county colours as she never gets tired supporting road safety.

Almost 25,000 people are expected for the joust, between the rivals at Elvery’s MacHale Park.

Mayo County Council Road Safety have teamed up with An Garda Siochana to organise a road safety campaign. The campaign has been given the thumbs up by Pauline McLynn, who played the part of Mrs Doyle in Father Ted, and also by the production company Hat Trick productions LTD, which produced the Channel 4 programme.

The campaign is called  ‘Go on Go on, Take a break’ and its aim is to encourage drivers to plan their actions before they head out on their travels (and not for the Mayo players to take a break on the pitch).

Road signs of Mrs Doyle wearing both the Mayo and Donegal colours will be erected around the county in an effort to remind drivers and motorcyclists to freshen up by taking a break and to think about the consequences of driving tired. Sadly, many drivers are still falling into old habits, some of which can prove potentially lethal.

Mayo’s Road Safety Officer, Noel Gibbons, said “The August bank holiday weekend is by far one of the busiest and unfortunately the deadliest weekends on the roads. Using the roads is one of the most dangerous thing we do everyday, and people do so in a fashion that comes as second nature to them. You can’t under estimate the importance of stopping for a break for a cup of tea or coffee, as Mrs Doyle would say; ‘Go on Go on, have a cup of tea.’

“This is a way to highlight the fatigue issue. Make no mistake – fatigue is a serious killer.

“This is more important for Ireland now than ever before because we are beginning to have long continuous stretches of motorway. At this time of year, when people will be travelling long distances to the match or on holidays, the dangers of fatigue are at their worst. Take regular breaks when you are driving long distances, share the driving if you can, and never ignore the tell-tale warning signs of fatigue.”

Mayo County Council Cathaoirleach, Cllr Brendan Mulroy, added; “We have seen too many horrific injuries caused by people falling asleep at the wheel to take this lightly. “Sleep related collisions tend to be more serious than other road collisions because the driver or rider is unable to react before a crash. You don’t fall asleep without a warning; if you are fighting to keep yourself awake, then get off the road!”

Miss Pauline McLynn said ” I actively supports the campaign as its a very important topic”.

Go on Go on Go on —–Take a break

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