Monica from Cleveland would like our help in finding her ancestors house in Achill which was called “The Old Type Blacksmiths”,

Posted in Cleveland on March 9, 2016.

My great-great grandparents names were John Martin Gallagher (died 1929) and Bridget Gallagher (died 1923, Gallagher also being her maiden name). His parents names were Anthony Gallagher and Mary Wulcairn and her parents names were Neil Gallagher and Mary Masterson. I know that John was born in England (being half Irish from his father) and Bridget was born in Ireland. I found them in the 1901 and 1911 census. The 1911 census is titled on the National Archives website: Residents of a house 26 in Sraheens (Dooega, Mayo).
In 1916 John, Bridget, and four of their eight children (Mathilda, Annie, Eleanor, and Violet ((my great grand mother))) came to the US and moved to Cleveland, Ohio. The four oldest (Mary, Bridget, Catherine, and Anthony) came prior.

I’ve been able to find a ton of information about where they lived here in Cleveland..who they married, where they lived, etc. What I am having trouble finding out is whether John and Bridget had siblings that stayed in Ireland (the manifest says John’s nearest relative in Ireland is “brother Patrick Gallagher Achill Island”.

My great grandmother Violet Gallagher Minute came back to Ireland for a trip with two of her sisters in the 1969-1970 time frame. There isn’t much about that trip besides a news article a local paper did here about the “Gallagher Sisters” going back to Achill which references their father’s name, he being a blacksmith, and the house being called “The Old Type Blacksmiths”, a letter she wrote to my grandmother, and a few slides of photos she took (I’m still trying to get my hands on those to see if she took pictures of anything of significance).

My family and I will be coming to Ireland in April for a few days and we’re staying in Castlebar in order to spend part of the time in Achill during the 100 year anniversary of my family coming to the US. I would love to be able to find out where their house may have been located (whether there’s actually something there or not) so as to show my grandmother where her mother grew up. It would also be fantastic to get in contact with desendants who are related to my great-great grandparents.

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