Mayo Science and Technology Festival 2014

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Festival 2014 is taking place from the 10th – 16th November, with the Open Day taking place in the GMIT, Castlebar on Sunday the 16th Nov from 11:30am-6pm


Mayo Science & Technology Festival Open Day takes place this year on Sunday the 16th November 2014 in the GMIT, Castlebar.

The emphasis of the Open Day is on fun and learning. Interactive shows, hand-on demonstrations from a huge range of Mayo Industries.  Many of the best known employers in Mayo have agreed to take part and on the day they will showcase the types of technology they use on a day-to-day basis and there is no doubt that this will be a very exhilarating day.   It’s a great day out for all ages and you’re sure to find something of interest.

All events are free of charge and there will be free parking at the event.   Tickets for shows will be provided on a first come first served basis.

Check Out Our Exciting  Events

MadLabs – Science Made Simple

Want to try your hand at soldering, find out how electronics work and even make a buzzing puzzle to baffle their mates in our electronics workshop.

This is a hands-on interactive work shop involved making an electronic gadget –  In the workshop participants solder electronic components from start to finish, onto specially-designed circuit boards. Participants get to learn how to use a soldering iron, and actually make and take home a working electronic circuit.    MadLab is a unique, hands-on electronics workshop for children and adults.

Reptile Village – NEW to Mayo Science and Technology Festival..CHECK IT OUT!

Animal Encounter Zone;includes a double handling area where you may come up and experience the animals first hand; snakes, lizards, tortoise, tarantulas and scorpions as well as others.

Astronomy Ireland – David Moore – Ireland’s Best known Astronomer

Chairman David Moore (Ireland’s best known astronomy writer and broadcaster) is coming to the Mayo Science and Technology Festival 2014 to give his stunning and highly visual talk about the wonders of the universe!

Senior Scientist from the State Pathologist Office – Laura Gilligan  

NOT TO BE MISSED…Make sure you don’t miss out on Laura Gilligan who is the senior scientist at the office of the state pathologist……

The Chemisty Crew . . Why not learn some moves!!

Victoria Walker Dance will be holding workshops linking dance to science, bringing a new and exciting angle to choreography and the chemistry involved to create hip hop dance pieces.  It will add a fun and energetic approach to Science week and allow students to think out of the box.  Come and learn the moves you see the Chemistry Crew Performing and get to perform yourself…

Learn Robotics -WORKSHOPS……

 Do uo want to learn about robotics! It’s cool and interesting. It teaches several different subjects at once; computer aided design, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, maths as well as a host of practical skills.   Robotics is the next big thing, do you want to be part of it?  As part of the Mayo Science and Technology Festival 2013, there will be a  series of 1 hour workshops covering different aspects of robotic design using LEGO Mindstorms kits.

The Air-mazing Rocket Show – Sue McGrath

A Burning, Bubbling, Exploding and Magical X-perience…Join Scientific Sue and her fire breathing dragon, Norbert, on an amazing journey of scientific discovery.
Volunteers essential!
Spooky slime, magical and smelly colour changing potions and really ‘Cool’ ghostly gases are just a few of the X-traordinary demonstrations performed by one of Ireland’s leading Science Communicators.
Danger! Science Magic: Fun Guaranteed 

Science, magic or mystery?  -Dr. Paul McCrory

Welcome to the mysterious world of the science magician where nothing is quite as it seems – where objects appear to defy gravity; metal rods sing; and a brave volunteer sits on a chair of nails! This is magic with a difference – where entertainment and education meet. In this exciting show the audience will be encourages to figure out the science behind the tricks. The show uses dramatic demonstrations and lots of interactive techniques to engage all of the audience.

Exploration Dome

Ireland’s most Advanced Mobile Planetarium…”Will bring the Wonders of the Universe to your doorstep”.  Why not let Exploration Dome take you on a wondrous trip through our Universe in their fully immersive 360 degree Planetarium.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be an astronaut, swim with a shark, visit the planets and lot more in a fun, safe and interactive way?  Then come see the Exploration Dome at this years festival.

Wildlife in the Garden – Dale Treadwell‎

RTEs resident nature guy will be giving presentations on ‘Life in your Backgarden’, focusing on the bugs, beasties and plants found all around us in the garden. The show is an activity based presentation with games and stories, lots of nature table style exhibits, bug viewers and lots more.

The Rocket Workshop – Declan Holmes

This exciting and challenging workshop simulates a realistic launch experience and raises interest in science. Beginning with a brief presentation on the history and science of rockets, followed by teams of students designing, building and launching their own water rockets. 

African Drum Workshop – Anthony McNamee

African drumming workshop are excellent for developing hand eye coordination, team building and just having fun. Participants will learn some African and Latin rhythms how to solo, how to play as part of larger group and be able to give a short performance at the end of their class.

Look what is coming to Mayo….Coderdojo -WORKSHOPS……

Learn to programme, create games, animations and apps.  If you would like to have a go please bring a laptop with you on the day.

Something for the Adults. .  The Nissan Leaf Electric Car……

Fancy driving a Electric Car…then bring your full valid licence.  For those of you who do not have a full licence you can avail of the opportunity to travel as a passenger !!




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