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Why Not Car Fast This Lent

Date: 16-02-2021

One local authority is appealing for people observing Lent to look at one more thing – encouraging people to reduce the car usage for Lent. With the evenings getting longer, more people being health conscious, the government investing in more greenways/cycle paths, bike to work schemes and a focus on climate change, the bicycle seems to tick a lot of the boxes.

Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer Mayo County Council said: “People tend to give up those bad habits that they enjoy, like eating too much chocolate or crisps, or maybe drinking too many cups of coffee before getting into work, why not dust down that bike in the shed this lent.”

"We are asking people to think about why they drive and if they could use the bike or walk on some of the shorter journeys."

Another great positive of commuting without a car is the time it creates for really switching off. We live in a world where instant communication can leave us feeling permanently harassed and stressed. Cycling gives us space to think properly as well as reducing our CO2 emissions.

Laura Dixon, Climate Action Officer Mayo County Council said: “Going on a ‘Car Fast’ for lent and reducing the amount we use the car is a great opportunity to slow down, engage with nature and as Pope Francis said in Laudato Si “to care for our common home.”

You can visit for cycle safety advice.

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