Kvalito hoping to expand workforce in Westport

Posted in Connect on January 31, 2019.

MARK Kavanagh, CEO of Kvalito Ireland, is currently in the process of expanding the workforce of his company within the Westport region. Mr Kavanagh is focusing on growing the business in Ireland and building a
team from the local community, while being as close to their clients as possible. Kvalito is a strategic partner and a global quality and compliance service and network for regulated industries. “We have consultants who have been working in pharmaceutical companies in different areas of IT. There is a requirement to be in line with regulations and best practice and we provide that expertise, in IT compliance, in IT security and project management. Currently in Ireland, we mainly focus on computer system validation, while we also provide auditing and assessment for IT systems,” Mark explained to The Mayo News.

Kvalito prefer to hire people close to the client so they can work from home, be in proximity to the client, have less travelling to do and have a better home/life balance. Over the next year, Mark hopes to double the current workforce which currently stands at fi ve people, four of which are based in Westport. Eventually, over the next five years he hopes to have a permanent team of about 20 people in Ireland.

In relation to what expertise he is looking to employ, Mark expressed the importance of hiring: “specialist people who are highly skilled with five to ten years plus of experience in the pharmaceutical
industry and also have a knowledge of IT systems in order to do the technical reviews and testing of IT systems.”

“At the moment we have people working in Westport, Ballina, Dublin and Athlone. We try to put consultants to the closest location depending on the skills required, to try to reduce commuting time. We also have some of our team members who are hoping to work remotely, but part-time aswell, as they don’t want to take full-time employment. “We’re trying to match people to projects and provide a service rather then providing bodies to a project. One of the projects we worked on recently, while it needed a full-time resource, we actually put three people on the project, as the three of them were working part-time. They filled the needed project by job-sharing, taking different responsibilities and managing the project as a team, rather than as an individual.”

The onboarding process was very helpful, according to Mark’s consultants, when joining the company, as it took a lot on previous experience within the pharmaceutical industry. Kvalito is co-operative with requirements from new workers on the basis that they are able to work part-time while not commuting long distances each day to work. This results in projects which are highly skilled and technical but that are selected based on the person skills and knowledge base within the company.

WITH regulations continually changing, working in such a regulated environment can be challenging especially when the likes of data integrity is key.

 “There is a large knowledge base internally within the company which we utilise a lot, we also run internal training sessions, sharing experiences from different projects, keeping up to date with the latest guidance and regulations through different seminars and training. We are constantly upskilling and gathering information from different projects as we work with different clients, we can share the
best practice across all of our different clients while keeping confi dentiality.”

In relation to personal data regulations, Mark explained that Kvalito are specialists in data integrity and system validation. “We managed our data well. We had to reach out to our consultant database as we had a lot of people who are potential consultants or previous consultants and we reached out to all of them to see if they wanted to keep their data on file with us. This was a very good exercise as it allowed us to tidy up our database.
“We are currently looking for consultants in the area, I’ve been given a few names of people who are trying to get back into the workforce after being off for a couple of years, rearing their children, or people who have been made redundant and they have decided to take time off from work.

We’re looking to hire these people who are highly skilled but they don’t want to relocate by working from home or having small commutes. We are trying our best to match clients to the consultants and stay working with local people as much as possible,” concluded Mark.

by Lúcás Treacy, The Mayo News, 29th January 2019

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