Irish Rail Trials 440 meter Freight Train from Dublin to Claremorris

Posted in Connect on June 29, 2016.

Photo Credit: Neil Dinnen

Irish Rail is planning to run freight trains almost half a kilometre long to help grow its haulage business and reduce the number of trucks on the road.

The company has trialled a 440-metre, 27-wagon train which ran from North Wall in Dublin to Claremorris on Monday night, and plans to roll out the service across the State from later this year.

The train was the longest which had ever operated on the rail network, according to an Irish Rail spokesman.

He added that the trials would see the maximum freight train size increase from 18 wagons to 27 wagons .

Irish Rail says that, as well as increasing the capacity and competitiveness of rail freight services, the environmental benefits of rail freight would also be enhanced.

Currently, moving freight by rail instead of road reduces emissions up to 75pc per unit, and longer trains could see emissions reduced to as little as one-tenth of the road equivalent.

Subject to the successful conclusion of trials, the company hopes to commence the operation of longer freight trains for customers from the last quarter of the year.

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