Ireland needs a road safety revolution to stop people dying on our roads

Posted in Connect on December 29, 2019.

Road safety professionals are calling on all road users  to make a New Year’s resolution to help reduce the road toll after on average one person died in a crash every 48 hours this Christmas and 16 people arrested for drink driving on Christmas Day alone.

With the Countries fatality road toll above last year’s figure, road safety professionals want Everyone  to make a New Year’s resolution to keep our roads safe.

Road Safety Officer Noel Gibbons said while the Mayo County Council and its partner road safety agencies would continue to work on improving the safety of cars and roads, all road users have an important role to play in improving driver behaviour.

“We all have a responsibility to make our roads safe. Drivers, by simply obeying the road rules – sticking to the speed limit, not driving impaired, always wearing a seatbelt and not using a mobile phone – can help reduce the number of people being killed and seriously injured on our roads,” Mr Gibbons said.

“Other road users also have an important role to play. Passengers can hold drivers accountable for safe driving and speak up if they feel unsafe.”

“Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are our most vulnerable road users and are encouraged to manage their risks on the roads by wearing protective and highly visible clothing.

“While all road users should be looking out for each other, these vulnerable road users will come off worse in a crash, no matter who is at fault,” .

“So make a New Year’s resolution to help reduce the road toll and start that resolution today, by making sure you have a plan to get home safely from New Year’s Eve festivities,” .

Remember that while it’s celebration time in Ireland , the car is not the place to have your party. Planning how you will get home safely, is just as important as planning your New Year’s Eve outfit.

The Mayo County Council  has the following tips for road users  enjoying New Year’s Eve parties:

  • Organise a lift home with a friend or family member who isn’t drinking alcohol.
  • Plan your trip home with public transport.
  • Catch a taxi.
  • If you are driving, remember that your BAC (blood alcohol content)can rise after you have stopped drinking, so be aware the following day .
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