Iain Miller and Paulina Kaniszewka climbed the iconic Dún briste sea stack off Downpatrick Head last Saturday

Posted in Connect on August 29, 2016.

Living 80m off Downpatrick Head on the north coast off Co Mayo is the iconic Dún Briste Sea Stack. Landed on by helicopter in the 80’s and climbed once before in 1990. In this film shot on Saturday 27th Aug 2016, Iain Miller and Paulina Kaniszewska make a very rare ascent of Dún Briste sea stack.

This is a very difficult to sea stack to access as the sea motion at the base of the stack is so difficult to predict and as it turns out the climbing is hard. This took 4 attempts to land on and climb the stack over the last two years.


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climbing through the stack

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