Gardai praise motorists safe driving

Posted in Local News on November 8, 2019.

Gardai in Co. Mayo are praising the behaviour of the vast majority of motorists passing roadworks in the first few weeks of a targeted operation.

Last month, the Gardai, TII and Mayo County Council  launched a targeted road safety campaign  aimed at reducing driver’s speeds going through roadworks , prompted by community concern and concerns expressed by the contractors working on site at Balla. The campaign which had its focus on the lack of awareness of some drivers that roadworks are a place of work for thousands of people and that all of us have a right to expect a safe working environment was put in place by Mayo County Council,TII and an Garda siochana.

Two high definition CCTV cameras have been installed at a location on the upgrade of the N60 at Lagnamuck ,Balla in a bid to crackdown on motorists breaking traffic lights and speeding through the road works site. Mayo County Council said working with P&D Lydon Civil Engineering contractors and An Garda Siochanna that they have installed a new CCTV system at this site to assist Gardai in identifying and apprehending offenders. The Gardai also have presence at the road work site to monitor driver behaviour and to enforce the lower road works speed limit.

Kevin Gately, Community Engagement Superintendent said “It appears that the majority of motorists are heeding the safety advice of driving safely through the road works and adhering to the posted speed limits ,I thought the operation went very well and the compliance of drivers been very high.”It is just a shame we can’t get through to the other small minority who still chose to ignore the signage and temporary traffic lights.”

“An increased presence of unmarked and marked vehicles and the cctv cameras has also been attributed to the good results.”

A spokesperson from P&D Lydon Civil Engineering contractors said “We have witnessed firsthand a vast improvement in driver behaviour as they travel through the road works since the awareness campaign was launched , we would like to also use this opportunity to inform road users that a reduced speed limit of 60km/h has been extended out as far as the mart on the  Castlebar side of Balla and would plea with road users to be patient as there will be a very positive outcome with this project”

Advice to motorists:

  • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.  Dedicate your full attention to the roadway.
  • Pay close attention. Signs and work zone flaggers save lives.
  • Merge early.
  • Avoid distractions. Avoid changing radio stations and using mobile phones while driving in the work zone.
  • Don’t speed. Speed is the number one contributing factor in work zone crashes.
  • Expect the unexpected. Keep an eye out for workers and their equipment.
  • Allow ample space between your vehicle and the car in front of you.
  • Be patient. Remember the work zone crew members are working to improve your future.
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