Gaol Siar Newsletter 26th July – 2nd August

Posted in Local News on July 27, 2015.


Want to Know more about the wild plants around us?

If so join one of Gaol Siar’s guided foraging walks this July.

On our walks we identify the wild plants, talk about their properties, medicinal uses, swap & share recipes and also talk about the folklore of the plants.

July is the best month of the year to undertake a guided foraging walk as it has the most plants in bloom above all other months of the year, therefore you should book you place as soon as possible by email to or phone 0872169625.If you are not sure that foraging is for you, then why not join us for a taster session to see, we will be foraging for wild seaweeds with Teach Greannai for their festival on the 01 August, contact Teach Greannai in Rós Duach on 09788935.

Gaol Siar will not be running any workshops throughout the month of July, guided walks are only available for July. Workshops will commence in the Autumn.



Shipwrecks & Pirates of Erris Tours with Gaol Siar

Looking for hidden treasures?

This July why not join our shipwrecks & Pirates of Erris tour, there is so much to learn and discover in the history of our coast, did you know that 19 ships were torpedoed off Eagle Island during world War II, or that Kid Island was named after the famous captain Kidd who ran aground here. There’s lots more to discover, call 0872169625 to book your place.
Sacred Sites of Erris Tours…..

During the the 6th Century monks were sent by the pope to Erris to the island of rest (InsiGé) and the Island of Glory (Inis Glora) lying side by side in the sea. This means Erris has a large concentration of Saints & Sacred sites. To date we have created tours around 40 of those sacred sites, tours range from full day tours to half day, contact Gaol Siar (0872169625) to arrange the tour that best suits you. Learn about the sacred sites, pagan and christian folklore attached to these sites and the ancient cures of the saints and their sacred sites. Gaol Siar also have a range of candles on sale depicting the images and heritage of these sacred sites. Candles are available in Shevlin’s & Slainte Belmullet.
Saying Goodbye…..

On the 11 June 2015, my mother departed this world for greener pastures. She had been ill with cancer for a while before her death. For the past six months I had been her full time carer and I’m very grateful for the time we had together, she was always excited about my work and instilled a great love of nature in me. She was born and reared in the heart of the agricultural region of Wexford and had lived in Blacksod for 48 years. She met my father a lighthouse Keeper in the Bailey Lighthouse in Dublin and they were married in 1967, they moved to Blacksod, a place and people she came to love dearly, she loved her life, family meant everything to her, she was always joyful and happy and never stressed about anything, her favourite quote being from the film gone with the wind, ” I will do something about it tomorrow, for tomorrow is another day”I know that she will be directing me to the best plants from above…..

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who came to express your condolences, who wrote and sent cards, all of these expressions have brought me great comfort at this time of loss.

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