Films About Life In Mayo Be Screened In Castlebar.

Posted in Local News on November 13, 2014.

A series of innovative documentaries will be screened in Mayo Movieworld in Castlebar on Tuesday November 18th

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Featuring the innovative work of Mayo’s Joe Moylette, John Hoban and Isabela Basombrio Hoban captured by Dutch Lecturer and filmmaker Willem Blok in collaboration with GMIT

A series of innovative documentaries will be screened in Mayo Movieworld in Castlebar on Tuesday November 18. The three documentaries are ‘MAYO MUSIC MAN’ JOHN HOBAN – a fascinating study of the work and approach of the well-known local musician; MUSIC IN SOCIAL CARE – an inspiring presentation of John and Isabela’s music work with service users in Western Care; and JACK’S OLD COTTAGE – an Irish example of small scale community development in Islandeady, Co. Mayo.

The documentaries serve as an invaluable record and evocation of local community practice through the use of heritage and music. Their unique perspective is provided by being filmed through the eyes of Dutch academic and film-maker Willem Blok. Willem has been been visiting Ireland since the 1970s and offers an intimate yet particular perspective on local practices.

Mark Garavan, lecturer in Social Studies at GMIT’s Mayo campus says that ‘We are really delighted to be able to showcase these films to our students, social care workers, service users and members of the local community. They highlight the wide and inspiring ways in which care work and human development can be done with respect and dignity. Willem made these films while guest lecturing onto our Social Care programme in 2013. These films will serve as a very important learning resource for our Social Care students particularly in demonstrating the innovative methods that can be used in working with people. The use of music, dance and storytelling shown in these films offers our students examples of ways of relating to people in effective and enjoyable ways.’Willem Blok adds that: ‘The documentaries show good practices of social work and music making, where others, also outside Ireland, can learn from. It is touching to see how the Hobans work with vulnerable people. John Hoban is a great musician, dedicated to his work, and with an inspiring, authentic view on music. His work is bridging the world of music with the world of care & community work. He found in me an ambassador for it.’John Hoban states that ‘these films are the result of years of work in music and in relationships with individuals and communities.’

The films will be shown in two sittings: 2-4.30pm all 3 films, ‘MAYO MUSIC MAN’ JOHN HOBAN, MUSIC IN SOCIAL CARE and JACK’s COTTAGE, will be screened to students, social care workers and members of the public.5.30-6.30pm MUSIC IN SOCIAL CARE for service users and their families and friends in Western Care as well as musicians and the public.All members of the public welcome to all screenings. The screenings are FREE.

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