€230,000 Investment in Westport Treatment Plant

Posted in Connect on November 30, 2016.

IRISH Water has recently completed the installation of an ultraviolet unit at the Westport wastewater treatment plant which will greatly improve the final effluent being discharged from the plant, leading to the protection of sea life in Clew Bay, which is a designated shellfish area.

The plant serves a population base of approximately 15,000 people. One of the main benefits of this €230,000 investment is the reduction of the environmental impact of the wastewater being discharged from the plant.

As part of the investment, provision has also been made to allow for future expansion of the plant up to a population equivalent of 22,500, should the need arise, which will be a great boost to the future population and economic growth of the town.

Niall O’Donnell from Irish Water’s minor programmes section commented: “Irish Water is working in partnership with Mayo County Council to continually improve wastewater treatment throughout the county. This particular project in Westport will greatly enhance the treatment process at the plant as well as the quality of the final discharge which is released to designated shellfish waters in Clew Bay.”

The works involved the installation of the new automated UV unit, alterations to existing pipework and ducting, commissioning and testing of the new unit as well as installation of a new final effluent sampler.

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