Drivers Warned: Zero Tolerance for Abuse to Lollipop Wardens

Posted in Connect on August 29, 2019.

Drivers are being reminded that they must stop for lollipop men and women when school starts back this week. The warning comes after school traffic wardens expressed concerns that they are often on the receiving end of motorists’ frustrations. Drivers who do not stop for lollipop men and women could face four penalty points and a €120 fine.

Noel Gibbons is road safety officer with Mayo County Council:

“Unfortunately, they’re meeting the aggression of other road users, particularly motorists who are impatient and sometimes showing their aggression through the revving of engines, honking of horns, yelling abuse,” he said.

“Some are more worse and pretend they don’t see the wardens on the road and actually drive speedily towards the wardens trying to get them to move from the road.”

There are now more than 400 school traffic wardens working across the country — all attempting to ensure that children get to and from school safely.

We have installed cameras on the school wardens stop signs in the more problematic areas.

The wardens, like Gardaí, have the legal power to stop traffic. Drivers who fail to stop for school traffic warden could face a €120 fine, four penalty points, and disqualification

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