Become a nicer person behind the wheel this lent

Posted in Connect on February 28, 2017.

Regardless of religious inclination, three quarters of Irish people still use Lent as an opportunity to give up bad habits.

The most common things to forgo for the 40-day period were food-related or social networks.

Road safety professionals say drivers should commit to a simple but effective Lent promise : make better choices out on the road and become a nicer person behind the wheel.

“At this time of year, most of us make an extra effort to uphold a few worthwhile commitments for lent. So why not include a road safety commitment and seek to make better, wiser choices about all aspects of your motoring in 2017 ?” asks Noel Gibbons road safety officer Mayo County Council.

“By doing so, you will immediately improve safety and reduce risk, for yourself, your passengers and for everyone else around you on your journeys,” added Mr Gibbons .

Mayo County Council road safety office provides five simple tips to help drivers make better choices:

Before you go: Plan and check your route before you set out. This will ensure that you don’t get lost, or end up rushing and making risky decisions.

Pay attention: Give the road your full attention. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by passengers, phones ¬†or non-driving thoughts.

Hold back: Make a pledge that you won’t react to the actions of other drivers or road users . Nobody’s perfect, so don’t waste time and increase risk by trying to rebuke another road-user. Focus on holding back , staying safe and sharing the road . Choose your speeds wisely: The speeds you use are entirely your own choice. No one can tell you to exceed the speed limit. So, ensure you make wise decisions to keep your speed both legal and appropriate for the conditions.

Be alert: Don’t drive tired. Many crashes are sleep-related, so if you feel exhausted, or become tired on a long drive, stop and rest.


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