Ballyhaunis man brings antique back to life on the Late Late

Posted in Connect on May 31, 2016.

Dr Cormac Forkan, an academic staff member at NUIG originally from Ballyhaunis, made an appearance on the The Late Late Show recently, revealing his restored antique wreck which he commenced work on just over eight weeks ago. He was granted the opportunity to appear on the show in the antiques restoration slot on March 18 after putting forward his ideas to the producers of the show. 

“They announced that they were bringing back the slot after 20 years so I decided to send them an email with my ideas,” said Dr Forkan. “After having grown up watching the antiques restoration slot on the Late Late with my mother in particular, she was mad into that sort of thing, it was an honour to be part of bringing it back to life,” added Dr Forkan. 

After appearing on the Late Late Show on March 18 and presenting his antique wreck, he began an eight-week process of work and renovations on an antique sideboard/chiffonier. The process included dismantling, washing down, treating for woodworm, sourcing replacement hardware, making, reassembling and finishing the antique. 

“My biggest problem was trying to get rid of the woodworm. Eight weeks is a short time and it was a lengthy process,” added Dr Forkan. 

With no time to spare, he managed to get the antique restored and had it in immaculate condition to be presented on the night. 
He made an impressive appearance on the show and the audience was very impressed with the outcome of the restored antique sideboard/ chiffonier after the major renovations which had taken pace over the eight week period.

“What can I say except I loved every day, hour, minute and second working on bringing the ‘Beast’ back to life, none of which would have been possible without the love and support of those closest and dearest, especially my gorgeous Deirdre and little Liam,” said Dr Forkan. “It was a surreal feeling, I was absolutely thrilled to get the opportunity, it was a dream come through really.” he added. 

Mr Forkan received the antique from John Mulligan of Foxford and plans to get more pieces from him in future. 
“I got the piece from John Mulligan from Foxford, so I’ll see what he has now and then I suppose I’ll take it from there,” he added.

IMAGE: FROM START TO FINISH Cormac Forkan is pictured hard at work on his restoration piece at home in Ballyhaunis before appearing on the Late Late Show with the finished product. The Mayo News

News Story Sourced: The Mayo News

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