Appeal for hosts not to be a PARTY POOPER and guests not be an idiot

Posted in Connect on November 30, 2017.

While many work place social clubs may be planning a small private gathering, Office party or a large charity event, party hosts are responsible for making sure the event is not only fun, but safe. The best way to do this is through careful planning.

Party hosts, family and friends must do their bit this Christmas for road safety, says Road Safety professionals, who have devised a host checklist which will go along way in ensuring a good night had by all and for guests not to be a “Bloody idiot” –

Noel Gibbons Road Safety Officer said ” You can help stop your friends from driving under the influence, Get the keys from them, get them into a taxi and send them home safely.”

More recently many people have ignored the dangers of mixing alcohol and driving and have continued to drive with lower, but still illegal, BAC. The excuse used is that driving “only a little bit over 50 milligrams (mg) (for all drivers and 20mg for specified drivers) is OK. This ignores the fact the risk of a crash is increased as drink drivers are more likely to speed, less likely to wear a seatbelt and less likely to take steps to prevent fatigue.

Social Responsibility

This phrase encompasses everything from planning the party menu to assessing how guests will get home safely once the party is over. Your role as a responsible party host can keep your friends and loved ones safe.

How to be a responsible party host

Having a party at home or work is a great idea and can be lots of fun. However it is important that they’re also safe.

Responsible Host Checklist

If you’re hosting a gathering of any kind where you will be serving alcohol, here are some simple ways to keep your guests safe and reduce your risk as a host:

  • Serve a lot of food if you’re providing alcohol.
  • Serve water, soft drinks and low alcohol drinks as well.
  • Friends should serve their own drinks so they can keep control of how much they drink and how often.
  • Look after friends who’ve had too much to drink.
  • Don’t serve alcohol to the point of intoxication.
  • Keep a taxi company number near the phone.
  • Suggest that friends car pool with an appointed skipper who will not drink, or invite them to sleep on the couch overnight.
  • Don’t let your friends drink and drive.

Myths and Facts About Drinking and Driving

Myth: Coffee can sober up someone who has had too much to drink.

Fact: Only time sobers. It takes about one hour to oxidize each drink.

Myth: Someone who has had too much to drink will look intoxicated.

Fact: Someone’s physical appearance can be misleading. One drink can impair someone’s ability to drive. Judgment is the first thing affected when someone has been drinking and important motor skills are next.

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