A Line of Cones Won’t Stop a Speeding Car But You Can

Posted in Connect on March 27, 2019.

Every year there are hundreds of incursions into roadworks which put road workers lives at risk and lead to deaths and serious injury, this has spurred local authorities from around Ireland to join forces to take action.

The Orange cone safety zone week, which has its focus on the lack of awareness of some drivers that roadworks are a place of work for thousands of people and that all of us have a right to expect a safe working environment, is being launched by local authority road safety officers from around the Country.

The campaign is been launched on a very fitting day also,  April 1st or April Fool’s Day. The message here is simple: Only a fool speeds through road works sites.

Noel Gibbons, Mayo County Council’s Road Safety officer,  said,  “For some reason a small minority of drivers still find it acceptable to put road workers lives in danger by not taking care when they go through roadworks. These adverts are about reminding road users that road works are like any other work place, and our workers have just as much right to work in a safe environment. The message is clear “A line of cones won’t stop a speeding car but you can ” We know you want to get home but so do our workers – see the cones obey the zones.”

Paul Dolan, Head of roads with Mayo County Council, said “Improving safety at roadworks takes real collaboration across the roads industry, and I am delighted that these companies have come together to jointly support this campaign. It epitomises the spirit of co-operation that exists in our supply chain on this important issue as we continue our work to ensure that nobody comes to harm as a result of working for us – which is what our health and safety strategy ‘Aiming for Zero’ is all about.”


If you drive a vehicle, at some point you’ll drive through roadworks. Follow these safety tips:

  • Adhere the speed limit on display.
  • Follow the temporary road signage in place
  • Stay alert for the roadworkers and machinery
  • Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front.



The following are key elements of temporary traffic control management in roadworks:


All persons working on roads should be trained on how to work safely near public traffic namely by completing the health and safety at roadworks on Roads (1 Day) and/or Signing, Lighting & Guarding (3 day) course.


All workers should always wear high-visibility clothing during roadworks.


Suitable traffic management must be in place to safeguard workers and members of the public.


Must be clearly marked and must be protected with buffer or safety zones.


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