2014 World Convention of Mayo Societies

Posted in Cleveland on October 10, 2014.

The inaugural 2014 World Convention of Mayo Societies was held in Cleveland,Ohio. Here’s a selection of some of the video highlights of the event.

2014 World Convention of Mayo Societies

The Mayo Societies are probably the strongest of all the Irish County Associations, having Mayo Societies as close to the county as Galway, Sligo and  Dublin to Manchester, London, Birmingham, to American societies such as Cleveland, Philadelphia,Boston and New York even further afield and too many to mention.

The diaspora of County Mayo have a love and a sense of belonging to the county and for this reason Mayo Associations have appeared world wide, new associations are being set-up where mayo people settle and the more established ones, contuine to grow in numbers and give back to the community they or there desentants settled and to mayo where there ancestors can to traced to.

The Mayo Society of Greater Cleveland was founded in 2004 to provide a forum for information and activities of interest to individuals of Irish descent particularly those with ancestral ties to County Mayo.  Cleveland was choosen as the host city of the inaugural world convention of Mayo societies because of it a strong connection firstly with Ireland, but more specifically county mayo, Today, over 250,000 residents claim connections to Mayo County, Ireland and even more to Irish descent. In 2003 the City of Cleveland was twinned with Achill Island, County Mayo, this twinning recognised the deep connection both places share.

Education Panel –  1 of 3 

Education Panel – 2 of 3

 Education Panel – 3 of 3

Mayo to Cuyahoga, 1 of 3 

Mayo to Cuyahoga, 2 of 3 

Mayo to Cuyahoga, 3 of 3 

Healthcare Panel –  Part one of three

Healthcare Panel –  Part two of three

Healthcare Panel – Part three of three

Speakers at Ball  Dinner

Pre Ball Activities

Grandson of Honoree introduces Ed Crawford, Mayo Person of the Year 

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