County Mayo Foundation

County Mayo Foundation

Connecting our diaspora with not for profit projects in County Mayo

What is County Mayo Foundation?

County Mayo Foundation Inc. has the primary objective of supporting charity, community, educational and sporting activity in County Mayo. The foundation will also support County Mayo people across the United States in their not for profit activities both in their home cities and in support of the county.

To achieve its objectives the Board of County Mayo Foundation Inc. will be supported by voluntary groups established in US states/cities where County Mayo connected people live and work. In addition the Foundation is developing this on-line giving platform to support its objectives.

This on-line giving platform affords all eligible organisations the opportunity to appeal directly to Mayo people, both at home and overseas. Details on how to include your project on the site are available by going to


Connecting our diaspora with not for profit projects in County Mayo.


Engaging our diaspora in supporting projects that strengthen civic engagement and improve the lives of people from County Mayo.


1. Building strong connections between our diaspora and worthy projects in County Mayo
2. Supporting projects that are impactful, innovative and sustainable and address immediate and emerging needs

Focus Areas

1. Education
2. Public Health
3. Social Enterprise
4. Arts and Culture
5. Education

Grant Activities

1. Research
2. Planning
3. Service delivery
4. Training
5. Events
6. Capacity building

Guiding Principles

1. County Mayo Foundation is committed to internal and external transparent governance and financial management policies. We will share what we learn so that future work can benefit from our strategic investments.
2. County Mayo Foundation is committed to impactful investments that support immediate needs while also investing in innovative ideas that provide lasting solutions and opportunities for Mayo people.

Our Diaspora

Mayo people are a proud and loyal people and wherever we live, the green and red of our native county holds a special place in our hearts. Over decades this pride and love of county has seen thousands of Mayo emigrants to the US and elsewhere support a range of community, sporting, arts and other initiatives and good causes in the county. This connectivity with place has consolidated our links with our native county and underlines our love for Mayo.

Our Legal Status

County Mayo Foundation Inc. is organized and operates as a not-for-profit corporation under the not-for-profit corporation law of the State of New York. Its purpose is to support not for profit projects that strengthen civic engagement and improve the lives of Mayo people. County Mayo Foundation also supports people across the United States of America who have ties to County Mayo in their not for profit activities.

Our Approach

County Mayo Foundation represents a unique opportunity to engage multiple sectors and connect the millions of diaspora around the world with many successful community development initiatives in the county.
The Foundation’s investments seek to incorporate a number of the best practices underscored throughout its analysis and outreach process. Through its engagement with multiple sectors, the Foundation prioritizes initiatives that encourage collaboration among multiple sectors, facilitate greater access to services, and encourage innovative and sustainable approaches that respond to needs.

How does it Work?

The Foundation will invest in these action areas in two ways to pursue its goals:

1. Targeted On-line Social Investing

The foundation provides a web based platform for, targeted, tax effective on-line giving which will allow donors to make specific gifts to the charity, organization or project of their choice. To qualify for inclusion on the Foundations website, organizations will be required to register with the Foundation and to comply with a set of simple guidelines designed to ensure good guidance standards. Donors will be encouraged to use the website to select projects/appeals that they wish to support.
U.S. donors who make a gift on line will benefit from the 501C3 status of the Foundation and will qualify for Tax Relief on their gift.

2. Capital Grants

The Foundation will raise funds from individuals and the private and philanthropic sectors in County Mayo and the United States. All funding raised through these activities will be used to support projects that improve the lives of people from County Mayo. The Foundation will invite proposals which match the Foundation’s priorities, address gaps and build on the success of existing community development initiatives. Organizations will be selected based on the strength of written applications, a determination of need, evidence of success and adherence to the written guidelines of the County Mayo Foundation.
The Foundation will ensure that its actions are fair, ethical, and efficient; protect the interests of The Foundation and welcome a broad cross-section of potential award recipients and all awards will be posted on its website.

Our Team

County Mayo Foundation Board of Directors
James Waldron President
Siobhán Carney Vice-President
John O'Malley Secretary
John Roche Treasurer
Mike Hannon  Executive Officer
James O'Hara Board Member


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