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Water Quality Management

For further information on any of the services below, please contact the Environment department directly.

  • Discharge to Waters Enforcement

    Mayo County Council monitor the discharge of trade effluent or sewage to waters.

  • River and Lake Water Quality Monitoring

    Mayo County Council can monitor water quality in rivers and lakes to safeguard public health and to protect the environment.

  • River Flow Monitoring

    Mayo County Council can monitor river flow activity to collect data for analysis by relevant environmental agencies.

  • Septic Tank Grants

    Following assessment of septic tanks/domestic waste water treatment systems Mayo County Council can provide financial assistance to help with the upgrade or replacement of systems.

  • Septic Tank Information and Advice

    Mayo County Council can provide information and advice to members of the public about septic tanks and waste water treatment systems.

  • Septic Tank Regulations Enforcement

    Mayo County Council regulate septic tanks and domestic waste water treatment systems to ensure they do not cause a risk to human health or the environment.

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