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Áine O'Hara

Áine O’Hara is an award-winning visual artist, theatre-maker and facilitator creating exciting and vulnerable work for and about people who are often left out of traditional art and theatre spaces.

I am incredibly happy to receive this commission. I will be working with chronically ill and people with disabilities from around the county to create a socially engaged art project. Many people are still cocooning, still can’t leave their house and won’t be able to for months or possibly years. There is often talk of a ‘new normal’ but the truth is, living with illness is always chaotic and what we really need to focus on is connection, conversation and care. I hope this project will take some steps towards fostering creativity and creating community. I will be posting updates from the project as it develops online on my website, keep an eye out in 2021! I am grateful for the flexibility and creativity shown by Mayo Arts Service in developing this commission and for their support at such a difficult time for many, especially the arts and artists.  

Áine is a graduate of MFA at The Lir, Trinity College Dublin and  the Institute of Art and Design, Dun Laoghaire. Recent achievements and commissions include: Arts Council Theatre Bursary Award 2020, A4 Sounds Studios Project Award 2020, Arts & Disability Ireland Training Award and DUETS award with Dublin Fringe Festival.

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