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Waves, four track EP and Through, a music video.

Breda Mayock is a recipient of Navigating a Future, a Mayo County Council Public Art Commission in which four professional practicing artists living in Mayo were commissioned to create artwork in response to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and our lives going forward. The commission provided an opportunity to research and create new work and to learn new ways of making and recording songs. For this commission Breda created Through, a music video and released Waves, a four EP album. 

Through: A music video by Breda Mayock.

Through arose from time spent on the roads and in the fields nearby home, time spent locally because of the restrictions of a pandemic. The more time spent in the fields the more I became filled with the fields. Through searches for an entrance, it reaches for belonging through the dense growth and it longs for a reunion.

Through Breda Mayock - Vocals, Keyboards, fiddle Robbie Harris - Percussion Mixed and mastered by Mark Murphy at Secrets and Machines license.

Waves new EP released

Breda Mayock announced her new EP titled Waves in June 2021.

Waves is a collection of four songs that originated during the lockdown in 2020. The tracks include Watchtower, So Long, Trade Winds and Great Coat. Breda Mayock’s background is in traditional and folk music, and over the years she has been influenced by many other genres. Her more recent work transverses indie folk sounds and moves into more abstract soundscapes.

Steve Cooney, Robbie Harris and Mayock came together in 2020 between lockdowns. They played the songs and recorded ideas and sounds and discussed instrumentation. Over the coming months recordings and conversations were exchanged, the songs were transported from Mayo to Donegal and back again and then on to Dublin where they were mixed by Mark Murphy at Secrets and Machines.

Waves follows her previous album Learning Place released in 2017 and her self-titled album released in 2015 which also featured guitarist Steve Cooney and percussionist Robbie Harris. Waves was recorded in Mayo and Donegal and mixed in Dublin. 

Breda Mayock: Vocals & Keyboards. Steve Cooney: Guitars & Bass, Robbie Harris: Drums & Percussion, Record label: Ger Labels.


Find out more about Navigating a Future here. A Mayo County Council Public Art Commission funded through the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage under the Per Cent for Art Scheme.

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