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Update on Commission: artist Catherine Donnelly

What do you want?

I began the planning and research phase with an attitude of no limits, anything is possible, allowing my imagination to run wild.  Ideas evolved, plans changed, and I waited...There were lots of distractions and frustrations during this last difficult year and I was grateful to have a creative process to focus on.  My daily practice became an antidote for the limitations imposed by public health restrictions which in turn informed how I moved and how the work developed. 

I looked for more freedom and space to move inside my joints, between my bones, finding where flow was blocked and why.  My movements became smaller, deeper.  I became more aware of sensations and I explored different breathing techniques and the science behind them.

The work pointed me to a place between, between what's happening inside and outside of myself, what's happening now, before and after, searching for and sometimes finding a point of balance. 

The most interesting aspect of the work so far has been exploring my relationship with music.  This is the first time I have had an opportunity to work with a musician composing an original soundtrack and the process has been full of the unexpected.  Asked, what do you want?...I began a process of exploring sounds, silence, instruments, moods, vibrations, how they affect how I feel and move.  And the process continued......

As I write I have finished filming and am preparing an initial draft edit of the footage.  I hope to have the piece finished by the end of September. 

sea and sky

birds breath silence

small tensions

metal damp wood

skin sensation

and the weight of my bones


Catherine Donnelly,  August 2021.

Artist profile available here.

Image Credits: Archie Erskine Hadden, Sasquatch Studios.


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